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About Us

Oğuz&Özay Advertising was founded in 2002 by Oğuz Hamza and Özay Kartal.

Our Agency serves in a wide rage of web development and design, advertisement photography & videos, aerial photography, social media management, pressed advertising materials, brand creation, motion graphic works, logo design, corporate identity works.

Our Agency uses all of it’s creativity to make an impact for your brand and to enterprise your brand’s growth.


Our Agency;

  • Has become an accredited agent as serving the communication agency of European Union’s Smap III project leaded by Muğla University in 2008.
  • After 2009 had been the official advertising agency for Bodrum Peninsula Promotion Foundation ( Boytav) for 4 years. During that period we had successfully promoted Bodrum to the World. We designed and set the stands for Bodrum at international tourism fairs like Berlin, London and Utrecht.
  • In 2009 we made the very first 3D tourism advert film of Turkey about Bodrum.
  • İn 2009 local elections took the responsibility of Mr Mehmet Kocadon’s campaign and achieved a great success than had the same success during 2014 elections.
  • Brought the most successful tourism advertisement award which is given by Skal Club every year, to Boytav.
  • Prepared the book “ Turkish Sea Merchandise Chambers “
  • Did all the photo shoots for the book “ Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum”
  • Had the sponsorship for “ Tektaş Shipwreck Exhibition” in the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum and did all the advertisement work like booklets ect.  For the exhibition.
  • In 2012 made the first Turkish video advert about “Blue Cruise “
  • In 2012 with the stand designed for Bodrum in The International Emitt Tourism Fair, gained “The Best Stand Design” award.
  • In 2014 published “the Lure Book Of Bodrum” with the sponsorship of TAV.
  • In 2016 Published the first Chinese booklet about Bodrum.
  • Has more than 1 million viewings on YouTube for the movie “Blue Bodrum” which was shoot by aerial cameras in 2017.
  • In 2017 , "The Unique Bodrum Advertising Truck" had visited 30 cities in Anatolia by traveling 8 thousand kilometers. All the vehicle wrapping fot the advertising truck, the booklets hand out, present lure books, the photograph exhibition and the 3D advertising movie inside the truck were all prepared by our agency.
  • In 2018 developed the “ Reservation System” software for the hotels.

Has a digital photos archive , holding tens of thousands pictures of Bodrum and surroundings.

Oğuz&Özay advertising is serving as a creative expert agency on tourism, tourism destinations, accommodation sector, residence projects.